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Carolina Roof Consultants is a local Charlotte based roofing company specializing in the repair and replacement of roofs that are old and worn out, or have been damaged by high winds and hail.

We strive to stand out as the best local alternative in an industry inundated with outsiders and out of town companies. We live here, our children go to school and play little league sports with your children, and we are involved in many local charities and events. We are proud to call Charlotte home, and be involved in so many causes that are important to the community.

Carolina Roof Consultants operates by three simple ideals. 1. Accessibility 2. Accuracy 3. Accountability

Accessibility — We answer our phones and emails. We show up to our appointments on time and fully prepared. We are available to help you before, during, and after work has been completed

Accuracy — Our business thrives based on your referrals. To earn your referral work, we must do an excellent job repairing or replacing your roof. We have quality control systems in place to ensure that your repair is completed properly, and with the strictest attention to detail. Our crews and repair staff are highly trained, qualified, and tenured. We have teams that check behind the work after it has been completed to make sure that everything has been done according to our strict standards, and that the work-site is perfectly clean.

Accountability — We work in an industry where sometimes things can go wrong, despite the best efforts and intentions of those involved. If on the rare occasion that something goes wrong that requires follow up work, we will be there to fix it. We will remain accountable throughout our entire relationship with our clients.

Thank you for choosing Carolina Roof Consultants!

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