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As Charlotte's leading commercial roofing provider, Carolina Roof Consultants offers unmatched services for all commercial properties, including repair and replacement for various roofing types. With a commitment to quality and attention to detail, we're ready to assess and address your roofing needs with a complimentary inspection. Our expertise spans diverse projects, from religious establishments and dining venues to residential complexes and retail centers, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal for each.


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Our dedication extends beyond roofing to encompass community support, distinguishing us from transient companies. Specializing in storm damage repairs, we're poised to protect your investment with meticulous care and comprehensive insurance liaison. As residents of the Carolinas ourselves, we share a commitment to the welfare and prosperity of our local communities. Before the storm season intensifies, discover why we're the trusted choice for commercial roofing in Charlotte and beyond, validated by our stellar BBB rating and affiliations with key industry associations."

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Commercial Roofing