Residential Roofing


Residential Roofing in the Carolinas

Experiencing hail or wind damage, missing shingles, or have an aging roof? Carolina Roof Consultants offers comprehensive, free inspections and reports for any home size, ensuring your peace of mind with expert residential roofing services. Discover how a call could lead to a new roof for your home.


What to Expect

Upon arrival on the scheduled day, our team ensures the protection of your garden by using tarps. We start by removing all old shingles and felt, replacing any damaged wood found. Then, we install new felt paper, followed by shingles and ridge vents, ensuring everything is sealed properly. After installation, we conduct a thorough clean-up. A specialized cleaning crew performs an additional check the next day. While most homes are completed in a day, we recommend reserving two days to ensure meticulous attention to detail.

Innovation in every shingle

Discover how carolina roof consultants can take your roof to the next level